Please note that we are currently reviewing all RWT Shared Care Agreements. In the meantime, please use the ones listed below. A hospital counsellor who asks a GP to prescribe a medicine to a person appointed as a patient with Wolverhampton Shared Care Form status must provide a copy of the relevant shared care agreement. If this document is not provided, the general practitioner should not consider prescribing the drug until the joint care document has been received for inclusion in the patient`s file. All shared care agreements have an expiry date that refers to when the clinical information contained in the document is to be reviewed. After signing the joint care agreement between the consultant, the family doctor and the patient have no end date, while the patient continues to retain the drug. However, drafters are advised to refer to the “Shared Care” section of the medication website for up-to-date monitoring details if the joint care agreement in the patient`s notes has passed its review date. Hereford Hospital County Hospital is the region`s leading acute care centre, offering a wide range of services in Herefordshire and parts of Wales. Our goal is to provide the quality of care we desire for ourselves, our families and friends. Shared care arrangements are developed when demanding or complex treatments initiated in secondary care must be prescribed by a family physician. Shared care agreements are written by hospital specialists but approved for use by the Commissioners.

The Joint Care Agreement sets out the process that must be followed for the general practitioner to assume responsibility for the prescription. It outlines the responsibilities of the specialist, family doctor and patient to ensure that the medication can be safely prescribed. Birmingham Children`s Hospital Birmingham Children`s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, operates Birmingham Children`s Hospital, a children`s hospital in Birmingham, England A list of lactose-free medicines can be found under NICE Guidance: When a medicine is approved NICE, the various local organisations strive to ensure that funding flows from the healthcare industry within 3 months of the BELLE decision. Coventry University Hospital Coventry University Hospital is a large National Health Service hospital located in the Walsgrave on Sowe area of Coventry, West Midlands, England Heartlands HospitalBirmingham Heartlands Hospital is located in the heart of a vibrant and vibrant community. Heartlands is the largest hospital of the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust. Welcome to the Wolverhampton Formulary homepage. The Wolverhampton NHS Formulary was developed in collaboration between the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and the Wolverhampton City Clinical Commissioning Group. It is approved by the Wolverhampton Area Prescribing Committee. New Cross HospitalNew Cross Hospital, operated by the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust, is a hospital located in the Heath Town district of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England The form is based on the best available evidence and is regularly updated to show the place in the therapy of new and old medicines.

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