It was a great idea! So why are they barely used in King County, widely used in Snohomish County, and are a source of wild debate in Clallam County? Does a parcel whose boundaries have been modified in accordance with RCW 58.04.007 (Legal Boundary Line Agreement) constitute “legally created property” within the meaning of LUC 20.20.060 of the City of Bellevue? 6. Lots recognized in a development plan approved for a conditional use permit, special use permit or commercial development permit are considered a single area and no lot line in the area may be applied to another parcel of land not included in the original development plan of the development concerned by adjusting the boundary line to the transmission density or lots separated on another parcel of land not included in the initial site plan of the development concerned: be modified without additional conditional permission for use. Review and approval of special purpose or commercial site development. (Ord. .