Normally, there is a link for training. But training should not be mandatory, as it is related. The number of years and penalties is quite high in the case of your wife. The president of the Hanjin group, Efren Vinluan, told Rappler that if they accepted the agreement, they would have a hard time claiming the money they would have paid for their training loan. During the dialogue between management and workers, DOLE Central Luzon Director Zenaida Campita Hanjin said they should make the training loan because of the closure. (They won`t sign because they could lose the money they paid for the loan because of the voluntary reduction. We are negotiating for you to return the workers` money because it was not their decision to close. In fact, they wanted to finish the 10 years.) And the employee has agreed to take the service loan for the five-month period that the company will offer from September 12, 2016 under the terms discussed and agreed upon. I told her not to sign, but she said she would be fired if she didn`t, because education is a prerequisite for her work.

So she signed it, not many choices really. Is this employment requirement legal? I always felt unworkable, because it was an inappropriate amount of money and time to expect someone to stay with a company (especially the extra 6 months` salary you expect to pay, this seems simply free) The Mailbox Management Institute 2987 – 00100 represented by the duly licensed regional manager Mr. Saman Kinh means “the institute” and includes the Institute of Mailbox Management 2987 – 0010 as formed today or from the time. Time during the implementation of this agreement The only table football is that if this company does not give it an appropriate increase. You can refuse to increase your wife`s salary, which will corner her. But if they give your wife a first-rate education. I`d pay for some businesses on behalf of your wife. In any event, I see obligations as a form of job security.

You can`t fire your wife because of education. If they fired her, their bond is null and void.