For existing rentals, where there are more than two tenants, the entire lease ends if one person wishes to leave and the remaining tenants must arrange a new lease. We only take into account joint rental requests from: If you sign your lease, you accept all the conditions set out in the Council`s rental agreement and in your individual lease. We will give you an introductory rental agreement when you are a Bristol City Council tenant for the first time, unless you were previously a safe tenant at a housing company. An introductory rental relationship lasts 12 months and is called a trial period. Your rights and obligations are set out in your rental agreement. You are very similar to those of safe tenants, but you can not: how we take care of the tenants of the municipality and the employees who provide our services We can refuse a request for a joint rental if: Here, two or more people agree to take a rental contract. Popular among friends, unlike partners. Features of a joint lease: The Council`s lease agreement contains information about: If we terminate your lease, we will send you a termination (pdf, 16k) (opens in a new window). We will do this either by mail or in person. What if a family member or friend dies while renting in the community? Apply for a joint tenancy agreement where two or more people are jointly responsible for the lease A tenancy agreement is a contract between you and your tenant. If you are moving into a communal property, sign a document called a rental agreement.

Your lease is a legal quality contract between you as a tenant and Bristol City Council as the landlord. You need to make sure that you, your visitors and any tenants you may have, follow the rules of your lease. Report a communal housing repair and find out what you are responsible for There are some advantages of a joint rental agreement: if you think a communal property has been abandoned or occupied You can find out what type of rental you have on your lease. If you violate the terms of the rental agreement, we can: our lease (pdf, 2.9MB) (opens in a new window) entirely….