A seller`s agreement is relevant if you buy a car that is currently financed, but the seller does not have the money to repay the loan. In such cases, the buyer can cancel the seller`s loan and use such an agreement to protect himself. The seller`s agreement is a legally binding document that allows the seller to authorize the buyer to transfer the car to him or his name as soon as the loan is released. Credit clearing usually takes 2-3 days and a seller`s agreement protects buyers and sellers from fraud during the transition. Because Sales Agreement (Mubaya) is the solution to your problem, make the deal and let the seller go you have two weeks to go to Abu Dhabi, pay the fine and then use Mubaya to represent the actual owner of the car for registering it in your name. The current situation requires only the seller and buyer`s original Emirates card, as well as details that need to be verified by the smart code reader, and the sales contract is then registered directly into the RTA transport system. Our rates mentioned on the site can sometimes vary depending on the rules depending on the cities for which you need a service, off-duty or during the holidays. Keep in mind that our employees are trustworthy and highly reliable, regardless of the fees charged to employees, to the satisfaction of our customers, we allow our customers to make use of their right and require that the amount paid be mentioned in the agreements in order to make a formal payment. The customer then goes to anyone in an after-sales service centre or other channels (z.B. on site) to unload the vehicle through sale, export or property. Individuals (sellers and buyers) have personally concluded the sale of cars in showrooms in each authorized showroom by filling out the required form with details of both parties as well as vehicle details. In accordance with the agreement, the buyer agrees to be responsible for such an infringement from the date and time of the contract and to keep in mind that the buyer cannot get a new registration for the car sold, unless he pays all the fines for the car purchased that makes you safe. The Roads and Transport Authority Dubai has released a system that provides online car sales for licensed RTA showrooms.