If the contract/contract is related to the sale or purchase of real estate or the rental of real estate, the Registration Act of 1908 applies to all of these documents. If a document or agreement relating to the lease agreement between the parties has been executed for one year or more than one year, it must be registered; Otherwise, it is not effective unless it is registered with the relevant authorities. It has often been assumed that the use of a stamp paper in a contract is the registration of the contract, but the registration of the stamp paper with the seller does not mean the registration of the agreement, it is a misunderstanding in the applicability of the Stamp Act 1899 and the Registration Act, 1908. To clarify the difference in the applicability of these laws, it should be noted that if the tenant has been living in a house for 4 months without a written agreement and with the mutual consent of the landlord and the tenant himself and wants to leave the house because of the strange condition of the walls and the color and that there is no damage to the property, can a tenant compensate for the rental of the coming month or month? and does security mean a month`s rent in advance? The Supreme Court of Hon`ble therefore held that Section 54 of the Indian Stamp Act does not require anyone to use it within six months and that there is no barrier to stamp paper purchased more than six months prior to use for the execution of a CREATION OF TENANCY 5 document/certificate. Agreement between landlord and tenant. – (1) A landlord can only rent a building through a rental agreement to a tenant. (2) A lessor presents the lease to the Chancellor. 3. The tenant landlord records the terms of the lease, attaches its official seal to the lease, keeps a copy of it and returns the original lessor. (4) The registration of the terms of the lease does not absins the lessor or tenant of his responsibility to register the tenancy agreement in accordance with the law on the registration of documents.

5. A rental agreement with a chancellor`s office or a certified copy of the chancellor is proof of the relationship between the lessor and the tenant. 6. Any agreement that can be reached between the landlord and the tenant with respect to the premises must be presented to the tenant landlord in the same way as provided in the subsection (2). In 2009, we rented part of our house for 2.5 years. Now the term of the lease has expired (4 years). We told the Tanentens to leave, we`re willing to pay. It`s been a month. But they insist that they leave after three months. However, if one of the parties intends to terminate the lease, the party must terminate three months in advance.

No explanation on this scale was found by Superior Courts of Pakistan, but this principle was governed by HON`BLE JUDGE (S): MADELEY , J and reported in AIR 1943 OUDH 314, provided that “Stamp purchased more than six months ago – use of – validity. Section 54 does not prohibit the use of stamps purchased more than six months ago. Everything the P says. 54 is that after six months of purchasing the stamps, a person cannot get his money back if he has submitted them to the collector” and the same principle was applied by the Supreme Court of India in the case of `Thirngauveda Pillai vs Navaneethammal – Anr` Order of 19.2.2008 in writ Petition (Civil) 290 of 2001. decided, in paragraph 11 of the judgment, that the Indian Stamp Act 1899 does not impose an expiration date for the use of buffer paper.