Mr.Mai MM-A Concert Koa

MM-A concert Koa

(incl. Deluxe Gig bag)

Mr.Mai MD-C# Concert Solid Spruce top

MD-C# concert solid top Spruce/Koa with cutaway

(incl. Deluxe Gig bag)

Mr.Mai ML-T Tenor Twin Port Solid top Koa

ML-T tenor Twin Port solid top Koa

(incl. Deluxe Gig bag)

Mr.Mai_ML-TE electric

ML-TE tenor Twin Port solid top Koa electric

(incl. Deluxe Gig bag)

Mr.mai Premium Koa series

Premium series of high quality Koa Ukuleles offering amazing sound and playability all at an amazing price. With luxury Koa timber and solid Spruce tops and the latest in design technology for maximum sound performance.

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