The office`s headquarters is untouchable. Agents of the Republic of France are not allowed to enter to perform their official duties, unless it is a consent or a person mandated by it. to a special social security scheme under conditions to be defined by mutual agreement between the Office and the relevant French authorities. To the extent that this is in line with the provisions of the international conventions, rules and agreements to which it is a party, the Government of the Republic of France, in view of the special nature of the Agency`s objectives with regard to the control of animal diseases, provides the Office with its official communications by mail, telephone, telegraph, radio and radiography. , treatment as favourable as its treatment of diplomatic missions in terms of priority, taxes and taxes. Insurance contracts signed by the Agency as part of its official activities are exempt from the special tax on insurance contracts. The Agency`s headquarters includes the premises he now occupies or that he may occupy in the future for the purposes of his work, with the exception of the accommodation used for his staff. Products in the category of products covered in Point 1 are also exempt from a ban or restriction on their importation and export. Clergy, i.e. those responsible for administrative or technical work of the Agency; Goods acquired or imported for the purposes of Article 8 and this article may not at any time be subject to a free or other sale or loan on the territory of France, except under the conditions previously agreed by the competent French authorities. Results: 756. Precise data: 756. Time elapsed: 182 ms.

The Director of the Office, that is, the person appointed by the Member States of the Office of Management; The International Office of Epizooties and the Republic of France, the acquisition and leasing of real estate by the Office for its administrative activities are exempt from registration fees and property taxes (“dark advertising taxes”). Appendixes A and B are an integral part of this agreement. The Agency, its assets, income and other characteristics are exempt from direct taxation. However, the exemption does not apply to taxes collected as payment for services provided. The Agency`s archives and, in general, all scientific documents belonging to it or in its management are untouchable. Mr. Claude Chayet, Minister of Plenipotentiary, Director of Administrative Arrangements and Consular Affairs, The Office does not allow its headquarters to be used as a place of refuge for persons wanted in connection with a criminal offence or a flagrant offence or for whom the competent French authorities have issued an arrest warrant, a criminal conviction or a decision to remove them. The Government of the Republic of France does not extend the exemption in paragraph 1 of this article to its own citizens or persons permanently residing in France, unless the Member States of the Office agree on a scheme whereby salaries and emoluments are set by the Office itself, with income other than the salary paid by the Office being taxed by the French government at the steep rate for the Office as a whole. Income.