Hindman Street delegate Ruth Smallwood – Ruth.Smallwood@essentialenergy.com.au Buller Street Delegate Daniel Welsh – Daniel.Welsh@essentialenergy.com.au delegate Judy Cutler – Judy.Cutler@essentialenergy.com.au Riverina Delegate Jason Bartlett – Jason.Bartlett@essentialenergy.com.au union members showed their support for her new enterprise agreement at 96. 16% vote yes. Last year, after the announcements, we did a lot for our members in consultation with management, ultimately by announcing your CEO to recruit key employees in-house before they recruited jobs outside. We are firmly committed to providing recruitment opportunities to members who felt threatened in their current positions as a result of their announcements last year. Karen Inwood, Bathurst Delegate – Karen.Inwood@essentialenergy.com.au We will continue to consult with management to create better conditions for members. The USU hopes that the published instructions will give some comfort to members affected by the layoffs announced last July. It has certainly taken a long time, but it will support the unions in our fight to continue these directions beyond 20 August this year. We will continue to update and meet with you to discuss any concerns you may have and we will continue to defend you in this regard. .

Energy unions have vowed to continue to fight for job security and will continue to meet with essential Energy Executive Management and the NSW government to discuss job-saving measures to help our members ensure job security. It is extremely important for us to continue this fight. If you have any questions about itineraries or other questions, please contact your union official on the list below or contact your Northern, North West and Central West organizer Melissa Pond mpond@usu.org.au or Southern Mick Jones mjones@usu.org.au This is a great result and a great way to conclude 2017. We wish our members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In essence, the investigation requires that Essential Energy not terminate the employment of a worker whose role is located in the regional NSW when the dismissal is made on the basis of redundancies. . The parties to the agreement now complete the documents so that the agreement can be registered. As a result of your Union`s discussions with our members, we all hope that this result will be a turnaround and that the way management, unions and our members work together will be much more consultative.