To enter into an employment contract, the worker must present the following documents to the employer: At the worker`s request, the labour tribunal may be limited to the payment of such benefits in his favour. Moral damage caused to a worker by an employer`s improper activity or omission is repaired in the form of money in the amount agreed upon by the contracting parties. An employer must transfer a worker who, based on his medical degree, needs another position to another existing position within the organization. This difference in position should not be detrimental to the worker because of his or her medical condition, depending on the results of a medical examination. This transition requires the employee`s consent. If the employee does not agree on the transition or if there is no corresponding employment in the organization, the employment contract is terminated in accordance with section 77, paragraph 8, of this code. A full liability agreement may be concluded with the staff of religious organizations, in accordance with the list established in the internal regulations of the religious organization. A worker who, because of his election to the trade union body of a given organisation, has been exempted from the performance of his direct work obligations, obtains, at the end of his term of office, his former activity (post) in the same organization. If such work is unavailable (post), he gets an equivalent job (post). If a worker refuses the proposed work (post), his employment contract is terminated in accordance with section 77 of this code. When employment contracts are entered into with several categories of workers, laws and other ordinary laws may require advice on the possibility of entering into an employment contract or on the terms of an employment contract with corresponding organizations or authorities that are not employers on these agreements or who contract more copies of an employment contract.

In the event of a temporary disability, the employer must pay the worker sick leave under federal law. The damage is repaired despite the employee`s disciplinary, administrative or criminal responsibility for the activity or omission of the damage. The public authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation adopt laws and other normative acts that contain the norms of labour law on matters outside the jurisdiction of the state`s public authorities.