2) Require parties, including content providers, with whom 4T enter into agreements on the rights of use of application codes used in advertising or the provision of premium rate services, to comply with the framework agreement and legislation in general. If the end-user withdraws from a service contract, the end-user may be asked to pay for the part of the service already provided if the end-user has expressly requested and acknowledged this before the start and provided that the end-user has been informed of the right of withdrawal and the amount to be paid. If, when purchasing services by subscription, the end user has expressly requested the start of the provision of the service, the end user receives information about this consent and this right of withdrawal is valid 1) 14 days after the conclusion of the contract or 2) until the service has been fully provided. It will create a legal framework including a mechanism for further development. The agreement sets out the following four strategic objectives for the Aarhus School of Architecture: the cooling-off period is calculated from the date on which the goods were delivered or, in the case of a content service, from the date of conclusion of the contract. In both cases, the period only expires from the date on which the end user has received information about his right of withdrawal via permanent media. If, for example, the end user on Monday 1st a good or service, while receiving the above information, the cooling-off period expires on Monday 15 if the end user does not receive the information until later, for example. B Wednesday 3, the cooling-off period expires on Wednesday 17 If the period expires on a public holiday, a Saturday, Danish Constitution Day (5 June), 24 December or 31 December, the end-user can wait until the next working day. Any breach of the conditions provided for in this framework contract or any violation of the legislation in force by the content provider when providing goods and services in the premium tariff, including non-compliance with the rules of distance selling provided for by the Danish Consumer Contracts Act (Forbrugeraftaleloven), is considered a major breach authorizing 4T to terminate the contract without further notice and access to the goods and services of the Terminate Content Providers. A number of agreements are excluded from the provisions on the right of withdrawal.

Version 7.0 of this Agreement supersedes all previous versions of the Agreement. The Commission is also examining the advisability of establishing a European legal framework for new tunnels. No amount may be granted before the conclusion of the contract. Invoicing of goods and services occurs only after the start of delivery, regardless of the medium. (1) enter into an agreement with a separate entity, independent of 4T and the financial interests and day-to-day operation of mobile operators (impartial entity) in order to carry out regular checks to ensure that premium tariff services comply with the relevant legislation and framework agreement, so that the controls meet the following requirements. Like all other universities in the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the Aarhus School of Architecture has entered into a strategic framework agreement with the Ministry. The strategic framework agreement covers the period 2018-2021. .

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