1. Insurance. – LESSEE has insurance coverage for properties rented against all risks insured by a duly accredited and serious insurance company in terms of the maximum insurable value of rented properties. LESSOR is the beneficiary of the required insurance. In the event of a total loss or deterioration of the leased properties and/or improvements made to them, the LESSOR has the possibility, during the duration of the lease, to rebuild or restore lost or damaged rental properties and/or improvements made to them in their original condition, or to automatically terminate this lease. In case of partial damage, the rent is reduced compared to the rest of the rental or usable area. The owner wishes to lease part of the property mentioned above for the benefit of the LESSEE, and the LESSEE accepts the lease under the conditions set out in it. 11. Right to enter the premises for the restoration of the real property.- After the failure of the LESSEE or the subtenant who meet the conditions of this tenancy agreement or not, as stated here, to clear and return the premises, the LESSOR or its agents have the right to: after five (5) days of written notification to the LESSEE or after written notification published at the entrance of the rental property for the same period, to enter and take possession of the aforementioned premises without recourse to a judicial act, to take possession, detain and confiscate these property and LESSEE objects found inside after finding an inventory of the same property in the presence of witnesses. until all rents, interest, penalties, unpaid electricity bills, damages or other amounts due to THEOR are fully paid by LESSEE.

All these acts agreed by LESSEE, which amounts to his voluntary leave in the rented premises, without the courts being subjected to legal action and the LESSOR being allowed to use all necessary and appropriate forces to force the doors and enter and effectively take possession of the premises, and this notice and the use of appropriate force should not be considered an offence, nor prosecuted, nor considered illegal. 10. LEASE EXPIRATION: At the expiry of the lease or termination, as stipulated here, LESSEE will immediately provide the LESSOR with the premises rented with all the appropriate keys and in a condition as good and durable as today, ordinary wear without all occupants, moving furniture, objects and effects of any kind. The non-compliance with the provisions of this clause by LESSEE gives LESSOR the right to refuse the acceptance of the premises after its election and to compel LESSEE to pay the rent at the same rate plus twenty-five (25) % including a penalty until the LESSEE has complied with the above conditions. The same penalty is imposed if the LESSEE does not leave the premises at the expiry of this lease or termination agreement for any reason. 7. PUBLIC UTILITIES: Lessee pays for the duration of the lease for telephone, electricity, cable television, water, Internet, association fees and other utilities and utilities. It is considered that LESSEE serves as a guarantee to the subtenant for the purposes of the tenancy agreement. LESSEE provides a copy of the sublease contract no later than ten (10) days after the conclusion of the sublease contract.