Be honest. Tell the architect what you know and what you expect. Ask for an explanation of everything you don`t understand. The more things on the table at the beginning, the better the chances of a successful project. Remember, a good architect is a good listener. An important condition of the agreement is that the architect must act as an agent for his client. To do this, architects must respect the procedures and forms of ordinary contracts in the construction industry. The document also contains other information such as terms of service, definitions and interpretations, contractual articles and corresponding annexes. Internal coordination: If your organization needs to be involved in project work with multiple people or departments, you make it clear that the client representative is entitled to speak for you.

Several sources of advice or requirements will inevitably cause problems in the future. The experiences of others can go as far as a punctual sense of teaching, but each project is unique. Your architect is ready to advise and assist you in adapting professional services that meet your needs and expectations. Most construction projects require design and construction documents, assistance in securing a contractor, and an assessment of the progress of the work and the quality of the construction. The services an architect can provide you – in the home or through consultants – may include programming facilities; Marketing and economic feasibility studies; Budget and financial envelopes Location and procurement studies; Environmental analysis Planning and shining applications; Preparing materials for public referendums; Analysis of special costs or energy; Rental-related design; Special drawings, models and presentations and Facility Operations Services after the end of the project. Not all services must be provided by the architect. Some homeowners have extensive project planning, planning and construction expertise and may be able to perform some project tasks themselves. Other owners felt it was desirable or necessary to add additional advisors to the project team in order to perform certain tasks.