Boulder Creek Riptide US 5NS soprano mahogany ukulele

US-5NS soprano mahogany ukulele

Boulder Creek Riptide concert mahogany UC-5NS ukulele

UC-5NS concert mahogany ukulele

EUC-5NS electric concert mahogany ukulele

Boulder Creek Riptide tenor mahogany UT-5NS ukulele

UT-5NS tenor mahogany ukulele

EUT-5NS electric tenor mahogany ukulele

Boulder Creek Riptide Travel Bass ukulele

Travel Bass ukulele

Boulder Creek range

The exclusive “Dual Port Sound System” projects the sound to both the audience and the player.
Moving the front sound port away from the centre of the soundboard helps to increase volume, tone, and sustain, on all Boulder Creek ukuleles.

This is also an advantage for the acoustic electric models to help eliminate the potential for microphone feedback.

Boulder Creek UK-300T Ukulele Pre-amp and Pickup System are featured on all acoustic electric models and include a built-in Chromatic Tuner.

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