To transfer a lease to another person, you must have lived with them for at least three years. If problems persist, you can apply to the Rental and Rental Authority (LTB) to order the landlord to carry out repairs, reimburse part of your rent or dismiss you from your lease. If your landlord tries to remove any of these things or add new provisions to your rental agreement, you should talk to a lawyer and protect your rights. Please contact the Akelius Service Center before installing the bowl so that we can authorize the placement. However, tenants sometimes report that they are forced to sign new leases when their building changes ownership. Many of these new leases have fees or provisions that are not to the tenant`s advantage. You must leave the apartment the day after the lease expires. If the day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, you can withdraw on the first day of the following week. The lease cannot be transferred to a resident or tenant. If an owner buys a building, the new owner must comply with all existing lease agreements. Tenants residing in the building prior to purchase cannot be forced to sign new leases or other ancillary contracts. The terms of your rent remain the same as under your original lease. In other cases, a landlord may present a new parking contract or say you need to open an account with a utility company.

These are often attempts by the new owner to get you to pay more. If such an agreement is presented to you, we strongly recommend that you contact a lawyer or soliciter before signing the document. Please contact your neighbour before starting the repair or renovation. You have access to your apartment on the day your lease begins. If that day is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, you can move in on the first day of the following week. You must terminate your rental agreement three calendar months before the desired withdrawal date….