About the Instructor

John Chandler has been involved with music since studying piano as a child and moving on to study a variety of stringed instruments in the 1970’s including the Ukulele. In recent years John has further developed his Ukulele skills with intensive training and attending workshops with leading exponents from around the world. Other musical studies include song writing and musical theory.


John has taught ukulele since 2004 at 14 Adult Community Colleges all over Sydney and surrounds as well as run workshops in country regional centres. He also teaches within a ukulele club environment and gives private and group lessons. John has attended ukulele festivals around Australia and Overseas, giving workshops and/or performing. John is a member of the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii and regularly travels to Hawaii to seek further advanced training and to meet local performers. Through the Guild he has studied with Byron Yasui, Head of Music at The University of Hawaii as well as Sam Au, plus had learning sessions with many artists including Californian based Hawaiians Daniel Ho, Michele Kiba, Del Rey plus Jim Beloff and legendary Canadian artist James Hill. He has taken extensive advanced training sessions at the renowned Hawaiian based Roy Sakuma school of Ukulele. When not teaching, John also runs a successful Ukulele and Stringed instruments plus musical accessories import and sales distribution business. This has included the distribution of the American designed and made Flea Market Music – ‘FLEA‘ and ‘FLUKE‘ ukulele products as well as the BOULDER CREEK range of Guitars and their ‘RIPTIDE‘ series ukuleles plus the Hawaiian designed AMI AMI range. In addition the large and exciting Aiersi range of Ukuleles has been added to the Ukuleledownunder lineup. He also attends major overseas music conventions, events and festivals including the Cairns Ukulele Festival and the 40th Annual Ukulele Festival of Hawaii. John runs his own ukulele club – The St George and Sutherland Community of Ukulele Musicians, is a regular attendant of other ukulele clubs in and around Sydney and beyond as well as regularly attending club events and festivals both in Australia and overseas.

Music Studies

Ukulele, Guitar, Mandolin, Hawaiian Steel Guitar, Violin, Piano, Song writing.

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