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Ukuleledownunder offer lessons and ukulele sales across Australia.
Ukuleledownunder distribute major brands including Aiersi, KoAloha, Pili Koko, Mr.mai, Boulder Creek, Pahulele, Cricket Violins, Electric Uke Basses as well as accessories and song books.

Our lessons and workshops cater for all levels from beginner who previously have had little or no exposure to playing the ukulele, and give them the ability and confidence to play simple tunes and the knowledge and skills to continue their learning path by themselves to more advanced playing. Larger private and corporate groups are also catered for.

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Benefits of the Ukulele

  • Simple and easy and quick to learn to play an instrument.
  • Can be enjoying music almost immediately, yet it is possible to take your playing to sophisticated levels.
  • Portable, Lightweight and great for travelling.
  • Inexpensive even for a very good one compared to guitars.
  • The Ukulele is not a toy, but rather can offer all the music possible on the guitar. It is all there.
  • Fun to play in groups and it will increase your social circle.
  • Drop into Ukulele Clubs all around the world and instantly be included in the fun. (Check out the Ukulele Club in your area).
  • Many playing styles possible and for any musical genre.

History of the Ukulele

  • Brought to Hawaii in August 1879 by Portuguese immigrant workers, instruments such as the Machette were the inspiration for three cabinet makers from the Island of Madeira – Nunes, Santos and Dias, to begin manufacturing an instrument along similar lines. The Hawaiian Islanders called this instrument Ukulele (pronounced Ookoolele) which may have been from similar sounding Hawaiian words to mean either ‘Jumping Flea’ (due to the sight of the fingers dancing on the fretboard) or ‘Gift to Come’ (as offered by Queen Lili’uokalani).
  • The Ukulele was taken along as part of an Hawaiian exhibit to the 1914 Pan Pacific World Exhibition in San Francisco from where it very quickly took off and became hugely popular across the United States and then around the world. Much music was then written with the Ukulele in mind.
  • The Ukulele has gone through several phases of popularity since then and been associated with many famous artists over the years. It is hugely popular now as a mainstream instrument and there are many hundreds of Ukulele Clubs around the world with thousands of attendees.
  • There are 4 main sizes of a Ukulele – Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone. All are equally regarded as a legitimate Ukulele and the player may select his preferred size and design. Larger Ukuleles offer a bigger sound and more finger room on the fretboard, which can be very useful, however there is nothing like the charm of the traditional soprano size.

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